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Courtney Flickwir

"Our community of PreSales professionals is rich with tribal knowledge and best practices. Miitra enables us to swiftly analyze discussion trends, extracting valuable insights and generating fresh, highly relevant content. The AI-assist streamlines this process significantly. Between the content engines and engagement analytics, Miitra has elevated our ability to deliver a premium experience, attracting PreSales leaders and individual contributors from top companies around the world."

Courtney Flickwir

Senior Community Manager, PreSales Collective

"Managing a community of senior strategy and ops leaders is rewarding yet tough. The pride and care our members have for their own work translates to their high expectations of our community operations.

Miitra allows me to tag and segment our members in endless ways - by company size, executive level, engagement activity, etc. With that data, I can use Miitra’s workflow engine to automatically reach out to members when they need it most.

Miitra has enabled us to have a streak of activity in our Slack every business day for 2 years - it’s a must have for any professional community."

Rahul Desia

General Manager, Operators

Rahul Desai

“As the leader for Tech Ladies talent network, engaging with our members is my top priority. Miitra has been a game-changer, giving me visibility into who is active on Slack, what content resonates, and where we have dropoff. The automated workflows save our team hours each week, helping to create a lively onboarding and keep members retained. Highly recommend for anyone building a tech community!"

Kelly Jamison

Career Coach & Hiring Specialist, Tech Ladies

Kelly Jamison

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Miitra's analytics dashboard.

What analytics are provided on the dashboard?

The Miitra dashboard provides a comprehensive view into your community's engagement dynamics over the last 90 days, including:

  • Total, new, active, and returning member counts to track growth.
  • Engaged vs. at-risk member segments to identify churn risks.
  • Most and least engaged messages to understand content resonance.
  • Top and bottom performing channels by activity.
  • Emerging topics and content inspiration based on member discussions.

How is the Miitra Engagement Score calculated?

The Miitra Engagement Score is a proprietary metric that holistically quantifies the engagement health of your Slack community. It is calculated using a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes multiple crucial datapoints from your Slack activity, such as active member rates, new member inflows, returning member patterns, and at-risk member indicators. By taking these various factors into account and weighing them appropriately, the score provides an overarching view of your community's engagement dynamics.

What does my Miitra Engagement Score mean?

Your Miitra Engagement Score ranges from 50 to 100 and indicates the overall engagement level and vibrancy of your community.

  • 95-100: Phenomenal - An outstandingly engaged community with consistently high activity and stellar health metrics across the board.
  • 85-94: Excellent - A highly engaged community with strong participation, minimal churn risks, and robust growth.
  • 75-84: Very Good - A reasonably engaged community, but with room for improvement in certain areas to unlock its full potential.
  • 65-74: Good - Community engagement is happening but could be augmented significantly with the right strategies.
  • 50-64: Needs Attention - Low engagement levels signaling the community may be struggling to gain traction.

Is it secure?

Absolutely, data security is one of our top priorities. We employ industry-standard encryption and access controls to ensure your community data remains safe and private within our systems. Your data will never be shared without your explicit consent. You can also request data deletion at any time per our terms of service and privacy policy.

What other platforms does Miitra connect to?

Miitra currently integrates with Slack to deliver advanced community analytics. However, we have plans to expand support for other leading community platforms to provide a holistic, cross-channel view of your member engagement and health. Stay tuned or join our waitlist to be notified as new integrations roll out.

What else can Miitra do?

Beyond visualizing and benchmarking engagement metrics, Miitra unlocks powerful capabilities like advanced segmentation, automated workflows, and personalized member experiences. As our platform evolves with the latest AI and machine learning technologies, Miitra will continue surfacing deeper insights and recommendations to streamline community operations. Our goal is to be an indispensable co-pilot for community leaders and professionals.

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